Watercolor Tattoo

A brand new style of the watercolor tattoo being a favorite now promoted hardly through social media named painterly, the combination of watercolor painting and tattoos. This technic is just a simulation of watercolor painting, but the style made a little bit different. They do like how the way tattoo made, but the focus is on effect.

How’s the artist doing all these cool styles? They do all as the same way of the ordinary but with their creative imagination flow away. Those are such cool skin art ever. There’s no outline, no fixed pattern, just like splotchy watercolor painting on this skin. It’s different but approaching the traditional tattoos shape. So free, rich in color, controlled, details and more artistic you’ll see after all.

Pro’s and Con’s

Peoples got the pros and con’s comments about this art, but let them with their thoughts but we must convey that this is so unique and lovely to see. Some cons say that this skin art will fade away just in few years because it has just robust and light ink applied there. Okay, we can’t obey it maybe they compare to the real tattoo where there is perfect black outline as the fix shapes and will last longer then.

Many people mention to the watercolor tattoo; it will fade faster than a real tattoo. We can’t say yes or no for this phenomenon. Realized to the fact that they have no solid color areas as a real even no black outlines. Black ink is the lasts longer color than the other. It’s just about the pigment not applied in solid blocks in the watercolor tattoo.

So, can we say that it is a tattoo or watercolor painting? It is during still on debates. Since you make it as your skin art, be sure it will be the last longer as you want.

Don’t worry since you still knowing your artist capability; they will do touch up after few years as part of the art sense and know it was their work. A real artist always knows and able to initially their own worked.

What Artist Was Said

Some of them talking about and make conveys. The traditional tattoo will always stay here, and there is art within. Where there is a brand new tattoo, it will also part of the watercolor tattoo. All the artists must be more creative to make their watercolor tattoo perfect. The more you can do, you will get your perfect. A talent is for God, but practice will improve you.

They also said: it’s a critical thing to learn the watercolor tattoo techniques. It calls windshield wiper. They will use the same way motion when blending of watercolor as they do for the real tattoo. So, it is not different move when the needle touches the skin. But they may imagine the same motion with a paintbrush. Just like people said when we do something over and over again, it would be no problem for every way you will do tattooing.

Watercolor Tattoo Compare to Real Tattoo

What is the real different of it? Let we discuss before we talk further more about new skin watercolor tattoo or painterly that compares to the real tattoo. The significant different is on the how’s the coloring and shading. The ordinary has a solid color, black outline or darker color but for painterly is the different ones. It has light and thicker color, nothing outline and just layer color on it.

Watercolor tattoos stand on look like splotches painting to original watercolor paintings. Some of the artists need black ink but for an outline. All the artists are doing these tattoo techniques such as fades, blurs, shades or splatter.

Peoples prefer to flowers, birds, feather, and fantastic image.

What People Prefer

So, what people prefer to choose a watercolor tattoo to own? Women are lovers of beautiful things in this world. They will prefer to pick a flower, feather, and any other cute shapes to their skin art applied on her body. It likes the expression of her soul, and she will show up as her personality.

Rose is the most popular design for women. We know it is the symbol of eternal beauty and love. She loved to place it at the open side of her body such as behind the ear, shoulder and hand being an elegant marked.

Men are stand out with his gentle soul will choose animals like a fox, dog head, quotes and some natural eternal symbols. With this entire image, he will talk about his personal maturity. Some of them also prefer to tag name to their watercolor tattoo.

The animal is the most men tattoo enthusiasts. A fox is symbolizing of playfulness and skillfulness. A tattoo artist has the creativity to implement their needle touch to design like the fox. Trust to their imagination and you will see the perfect result.

The Top List of Watercolor Design

Social media through Pinterest and Instagram never bore to share the best design of watercolor tattoo created by the best and the new coming artists. There you can see what kind of they have done for these skin art. Many coolest designs and the top list design have been showing. Feathers are top the list chooses by tattoo lover for their watercolor design. It flowing away shape will looks syncs applied with the bright colors. We must know then if feather always signifies a freedom.

Here the artist will know how the way to create the bright splash watercolor tattoos to enhance a feather design. I will recommend to the peacock feather as the feminine design. It is rich in the creativity of coloring and gives the spiritual connection too.

Have you ever confused where to place and what kind to choose? Find the best watercolor tattoo artists to help you. They will know what you need. Tell your personality it will help you to choose the right tattoo. However, the tattoo will always stay in your body for several times even for rest of your life. Don’t forget to get ready of your budget. The perfect art is not cheap. Enjoy the pain and get the watercolor tattoo.

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