Spine Tattoo

Spine tattoo – That is now famous as spine tattoo. What do you think of getting the tattoo along on your backbone? It will down from the neck along to the lower back of your backbone. This kind of skin art become suitable both for men and women. So, here you will lead to knowing more about that design. Human Spine is a part of the body that fragile. Its place is in the middle of the back body from the top of the neck along down to the buttocks. This part is hard but brittle in risks. Once you snap, it could kill or even paralyze.

Make sure before you put your tattoo there; find the recommended artist who knows well the right spot for spine tattoo. Where you drown your tattoo, it means how strong or fragile you are. Tattoo artists become the famous person who will make your tattoo will be perfect. Just find them and discuss how to choose the right designs that fit and fulfill your personality. First of all is; what your reason to have the tattoo, for fun, personal identity, community or any other rights you have.

Spine tattoo for men and women

Rose Spine Tattoo Done By April Ramirez
Rose Spine Tattoo Done By April Ramirez

Now, women looking for something to enhance her beauty and she thinks to feel free to enjoy delicate tattoo to show off their femininity side. Many designs available through in virtual or tattoo shop gallery around your places. Women choose to own some more sensitive and free to show her inner strength side. Some designs are abstract, hidden stories within and contain the message. Women prefer to have this tattoo because of it is so close to beauty and fashion reason, with all of her beautiful skin spine tattoo fit to their desire.

Women loved to wear the backless dress, and it would be getting gorgeous with the back tattooed. It’s not just the backless dress but spine tattoo behind there.

Men are also seeking to this tattoo style to enhance his masculinity side. What goes people to fulfill his desire by this backbone skin art? They have own manly reasons when it comes to their body besides best muscle and biceps. So, what kind of backbone tattoo prefer for men? This kind tattoo for men becomes the beautiful place if we are talking about the world of ink art. With its excellent placement to the body’s soft core, his spine can be dramatic what lies beneath. It would be a place for illustrational skin art on a large scale.

There are many available designs for whom to look for spiritual elements such as Native American faces and the feathers. Two of them become famous tattoo style for men that evoke the spiritual elements of various tribes. This men side will be fantastic to show off his back. People prefer to choose bold and strong designs such as the zipper, Celtic, arrow, totem art, and magnificent muscles. It is also nice for lettering; you can try to have Arabic and some Asian languages.

What do Spine Tattoos Represent?

Solar System Spine Tattoo Done By Ollie Nash
Solar System Spine Tattoo Done By Ollie Nash

There are many Nature symbols such as water, fire, air, earth, and wood can bring to spine tattoo design. Those have each meaning and represent things in life. As we know how the Chines philosophy about the five nature symbol, or the other place that have faith with life power to depict their living. So, for all that reasonable spine tattoo also bring it to the best design to skin art.

The fire is standard to symbolize of transformation, sacrifice, and purifying powers. These thermal elements represent men desire. Water is close to things to cleansing power. It’s clear attribute to soul and honesty. Earth is expressing of much prosperity. The combination of nature symbol will give a powerful statement to your tattoo.

Take a look at Native American culture; we can find the dream catcher, eagles and Indian head. They are the very famous design that proudly used by someone who has patriotic feels. The dream catcher is representing of protection and may hope it will be a savior and away from bad spirits that come in dreams. Native American culture spine tattoo design is often such as feathers, eagles, Native American face and usually along with their tribal clan name.

The most of the religious symbol that represent of faith is the Christian cross. They are believed to evoke strong image to indicate faithfully. It is often along with the face of Christ, Bible verse and Greek word ICHTHUS. This design commonly used by men but some women love it too. They choose not only for faith, but it is also giving strong of mind reason.

Spine Tattoo in Variety

Watercolor Feather Sppine Tattoo Done By Janice Marie
Watercolor Feather Sppine Tattoo Done By Janice Marie

It is common have before to have the tattoo, and people confuse about its size. How big or how long it will be in their spinal. It starts from the nape of your neck and long down to the lower back. But there’s no limitation on size and shape, just depend on what kind design will be informed. Of course, you should know what kind image to bearer and where it should begin and end. The large image will start at the base neck and go along down of the spine to the tailbone. It is like offering a big canvas for the artist. Sometimes it can place on the upper spine then spreading to over the shoulder area.

Letter Spine Tattoo Done By Ori Reyes
Letter Spine Tattoo Done By Ori Reyes

Women usually loved to simply but nice while men prefer to large and contain meaning. Floral pattern, quotes, Asian letters and some varieties create with colored and maybe black gray designs. Naturally, flower such as cherry blossom will look cute and beautiful with light color. Asian letters come with its solid color, exceptionally solid black.

People are thinking of what a pain to have backbone tattoo and how long it will be well after tattoo. The answer is yes; it will give so much pain while needle runs and pinch to the backbone. It also has the risk, and it may be getting worse. The last one finds the recommended tattoo artist to avoid the severe risk and get the best spine tattoo.

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