Dandelion Tattoo Meaning

Dandelion tattoo meaning is one of the currently popular symbols that wanted by many women and men. Tattoo lovers will be keen to make these symbols with meaning. Dandelion is considering ordinary flower when compared to other more amazing flowers for tattoo models such as roses and lilies. These flowers have no particular color, but it has unique geometric shapes, and downy. These tattoos can be designed with a simple or a lot of detail so that it can be put any side on the body, but most of the tattoo lovers get it on the back body.

By this article, we will review the symbolism of dandelions and discuss design. You will have the opportunity to see photos of many different styles. We hope can help you find ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo. There are so many creative ideas considering this tattoo. Here we will let you know more about dandelion inspirations for your tattoo. Remember find out who is the beautiful artist will touch the needle to drawn it on your skin.

So many tattoos have been belonging, but one of the cute ones is the dandelion. This flower has yellow color while blooming in the small shape. They will become wilted for few days and changing color to smooth white like the feather. They will grow well in the different climates. Dandelion is a word from French dent de lion, lion tooth and the Latin name is Taraxacum Officinale.

Dandelion flower shapes a typical attraction becomes a sweet memory for childhood and teenager because we can play with it and the blowing dry dandelion up at some point. We know how amazing the dandelion seeds, they are smooth when flying in the air. This flower is a weed, but when we see a dry dandelion and blow it into the air and then actually it seems to be the symbol of the joy of youth.

Women and men mostly seek this design for their tattoo. We can say this is a neutral type of ink skin art. Tattoo lovers usually use this for some reason. Many symbols of folklore and legend put dandelion tattoo to their privacy identity too.

Dandelion Tattoo Symbol

Sometimes people confuse to choose what kind tattoo that considers to their desire. Dandelion tattoo will be there to lead you entering much meaning with it. This flower is a symbol of joy, life, remedy, freedom and youthful. This tattoo will remind you to remember that you are blessing in life. When you see this tattoo on your skin, you will remember that life is tenacious and delicate.

The dandelion was also related to hopes, wish, and dreams. Once upon a time, when we are in childhood some say as we blow on dandelion fluff, close the eyes and make a wish in a sincere heart. After a minute we blow it and see the dandelion head, and maybe your dream comes true. That was our childhood story. So far the dandelion tattoo is seeking to be a symbol of a dream comes true.

The smooth seed that we blew up will fly away and gone to the sky. It is such as symbol of freedom we were wanting. A sometime dandelion tattoo is designing in different, such as the seed fly away and changing into the birds flying. The smooth seed that we blew up will fly away and gone to the sky. It is such as symbol of freedom we were wanting.

Peoples say a secret to happiness is nothing but good health and a bad memory. Good health is everything. Bad memory will improve your brain to remind. Most of the life complications existing because of us cannot move on of the past.

A dandelion tattoo is right to choose as one of those reminders. Remember that dandelion flower is meaning remedy according to the health research.

Dandelion in Religion, Myth, and Culture

In Christianity, dandelion is a representation of Jesus love and self-sacrifice. This little live flower on earth, the radiance and health benefit can help us, the power to make childhood reminder. All these kind of aspects remind us of Jesus Christ; this symbol is the significant theologically. The dandelion also associated with pre-Christian deities’ time.

Let you know about Hecate, an oracle goddess, and this flower always matches with Hecate’s symbol which is about prophecy and prediction. Hecate related to dreaming, intuition, vision clarity and dandelion linked with it even connect to this goddess.

Apollo, God of the Sun, has put the dandelion as a logical symbol during the plant’s solar connections. Apollo is also assumed as a god of medicine or healing, and use the dandelion for the healing properties. Belenus, a sun god for ancient Celtic and Gaul, his name translate to the bright one. Dandelion is the symbol of the sun, and Belenus celebrate Gaelic festival during Beltane. Gaelic festival is the transition season from spring to summer. At this time dandelion seed got productive and bloomed, there was Belenus honored.

Dandelion Tattoo Placement

One thing to remember is the placement of your tattoo and the reasons. If you want to have it just for fun, it will be free to put it anywhere you want to. Some people had the tattoo for any purposes thing, religion, community identity or any other reasons they had. In this case, it needs to place it on where it has to be.

Women loved to put the dandelion tattoo on her lower belly. They may want to show their youthfulness and carefree. Another reason both men and women who get the tattoo for their emotional reason will love to draw it on upper back and chest. The most favorite spots to put ink are feet, arms, upper back, wrists, and lower back, even fullback body.

Dandelion look impressive growth on earth, and you can wear on your skin as the cute tattoo. But people prefer to have the best design this flower as fluffy blows and spread away with the winds blow. Find more dandelion tattoo meaning to make sure your choice will be the best ink on your skin.

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