Tomas Vaitkunas

Tomas Vaitkunas was born in small town in Lithuania – Ukmerge, but now I live and work in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Our tattoo studio is called “Eddy Tattoo” and everybody who is interested in my job can visit our website: Of course, I’m not alone there; together with me work talented masters: Eddy, Tolik, Pasha, Artiom. So, all our works, paintings, and news about our studio you can find on our website.

I realized that I had a talent for art when was young; because I had a passion for painting my parents decided that I should attend an art school in my hometown. A first time, when I thought about being a tattoo artist was when I saw a stupid tattoo (anchor) on my friend’s hand, which he made by himself at home. And I thought that I could do the same or maybe even better!

Actually, at that time I had no teachers, who would help me at the beginning, so I was teaching myself, making tattoos and mistakes, of course. Only when I moved to Vilnius and started to study graphic design in high school, I had a possibility to start working in tattoo studio and train under the guidance of tattoo artist Eddy.

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Eddy Tattoo Studio Location

Eddy Tattoo, Švitrigailos gatvė 3, Vilnius 03110, Li

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