Led Coult

Led Coult from Brazil was born on 15 August 1983. Led styles are hiper-realistic, illustrative, black and gray, etc. Some awards he got are Lisboa Tattoo Convention 2012 got 3rd Best Color of Show; Lisboa Tattoo Convention 2011 got 3rd Best Color of Friday
About The Coult Studio Tattoo Art is a tattoo studio with a team of certified and specialized professionals to serve their customers, developed with high standards of hygiene and artistic quality.
They have space in the city of Viseu, where the demand and passion for tattoo art, raised the level of this art for a single quality level. In Coult Studio Tattoo Art, They give customers the best advice and forward the same to the realization of artistic tattoos, meet and eternize on your skin a piece of art. Tattoo is a form of Art and Culture eternal.

Led Coult Contact
Phone: +351 960 169 011
Facebook: Led Coult Tattoo Artist
Instagram: @ledcoult

Coult Studio Location

Coult Studio – Tattoos, piercings, o teu estilo em Viseu, da D, Rua Doutor Azeredo Perdigão 12, 3500-111 Viseu, Portugal

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