Johan Castillo

Johan Castillo: Before talking about tattoos Johan I come clean. The feature that most obsesses me a tattoo is the mystery that transmits. For me, the mystery is what my mind can not comprehend. The mystery is not a hyper- saturated with feelings tattoo. For me, the mystery is not a dark and full of tattoo ink. One of the aspects that contribute to a tattoo mystery is its definition. Many tattooists are obsessed with creating tattoos with a brutal description, forgetting that the most interesting is the interplay between the definite and indefinite. Blurred areas that endure over time and are, in my opinion, the most beautiful. Many tattooists would like the tattoo on paper. Johan tattoos paper would be something else. Johan takes advantage of the effect of the strokes on the skin. An excellent tattooist Caracas, Venezuela

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Ciudad Comercial La Cascada, Centro Comercial Ciudad “La Cascada”, Carretera Panamericana, Km 21, Sector Corralito, Municipio Carrizal, Edo. Miranda, Carretera Panamericana, Carrizal 1203, Miranda, Venezuela

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