Fredy Tomas

Fredy Tomas known as Fred Tattoo was born on 1988 in Murcia. Since childhood, he went to schools for drawing, spent every afternoon in his father’s studio (Exotic Tattoo) the tattoo artist and musician José Antonio Tomás “El Catalán” with more than 20 years of experience in the profession.

After left school and 16 years, he began to learn tattoo from his father and Paul.
At first, he was not sure want dedicate this profession for fear of the responsibility assumed, although the first contacts with the tattoo’s he had already ten years.

At 17 years old Fred joined the team of Exotic Tattoo Murcia where he was tattooed up to 20 years and from that moment he started to have an own studio also called Exotic Tattoo Murcia in the central area of Murcia city, Spain.

Fredy Tomas Contact
Phone: +34 968 07 77 56
Facebook: Fredy Tomas Tattoo
Instagram: @fred_tattoo

Exotic Tattoo Murcia Location

Exotic Tattoo Murcia, Plaza Puerta Nueva, 2, 30001 Murcia, Spain

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