Craig Cardwell

Craig Cardwell was born on 7 January 1987 in Blackpool, United Kingdom. Start tattooing 2009, all his work is custom with his ideas and designs and put ideas into what a customer wants mainly specializing in new school and realism, also sponsored by Nedz rotary tattoo machines. His first convention was tattoo freeze in January 2013, since that time he won many awards.

Conventions Working:
Manchester Tattoo Show 2013
Tattoo Jam 2013
The Manchester International Tattoo Show 2014
Tattoo Jam 2014
Manchester International Tattoo Show 2015
Tattoo Freeze 2016
The Great British Tattoo Show 2016
Tattoo Jam 2016
Manchester Tattoo Show 2016

Craig Cardwell Contact
Phone: +44 7542 683321
Facebook: Craig Cardwell
Instagram: @cardwelltattoos

Retro Ink Tattoo Studio Location

203 Central Drive, FY1 5ED Blackpool, United Kingdom

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