About Us

We have come on August 16, 2016, named goestattoo.com. Here are the virtual media which focused on information about skin art and body modification. Nowadays people want to easier to choose tattoo before decide to apply on the body. Thru this site you can browse your choice and help you make the right decision about the tattoo. So, keep reading and know more.

For further of this website also let you know about other skin art. You can find body modification, tattoo artists, tattoo designs and gallery of the tattoo. Choose your design from my gallery and its artists or you can just appreciate the beautiful tattoo here. One of them must be your favorite design.

You may need to know more about trending and issues related to tattoo, find here too. We are open to sharing your experience and our skills. Discuss will also be available to improve your knowledge, and we are welcoming you for it. It is a pleasure for artists when it comes to skin art. No bore to talk.

Find your tattoo knowledge at goestattoo.com; we are offering guidance for the newbie artists. There you will be read what is no’s to do and what is must do. It is best site that you can learn as a coaching time. Feel free to ask and start to your artwork. There’s no space between you and us on this site.

You do not need to worry to ask as long as it is about the tattoo, goesttattoo.com admin will give you answer as your friend to discuss and share the knowledge. It is part of artist’s responsibility sense too. You know if art is just about money, you will feel like lost in the crowded. Ask you want to ask here and it will be a long discussion. Don’t be hesitating to call us on this site; we will be there for your desire. This art passion can be yours.

Our Existence in Real Tattoos World

Find tattoo ideas here, or just take a look if you need some inspiration for the design. Here you will see many pictures of tattoo design. You can try at home. Get your real skin or artificial skin to practice or you all newbies artists.

Tattoo artist is a core of your tattoo result. We found many tattoo artist from entire the world. See all of their creative and gorgeous artwork. Each artist has their style. Get your inspiration by seeing tattoo artists artwork result including its picture. Learn how they are doing original artwork.

Last but not least, goestattoo.com welcomes you to stop here and let you know more about skin art. By this site, I hope you got to know more about the tattoo and be positive thinking within. Tattoo is not a just picture, but it contains many more things in your live. It is a symbol, soul expression and cultural sign too. Tattoo could be a nationality sign too.